Hale'iwa Town


O'ahu, Hawaii 2014   |   Canon AE-1, Fujicolor 200

Hale'iwa is a historic town filled with boutiques, art galleries, surf shops and hole-in-the-wall diners. It's a laid back surf town where on one side you'll find the serenity of the ocean and on the other the imposing mountains looming up, creating a serene mood. One of the things I love about this town is the plantation era buildings. History is practically oozing out of this spot. Not to mention the local surfers you'll spot at every single turn.

I spent some of my days here either winding down at one of the ice cream parlours or visiting a few galleries. Like any provincial setting, stores would close at dusk. Typically, we would be out in the beach all day and we would only catch the last hour or so 'til the shop owners called it a night. Being a city lady, I was totally not used to this set-up. Nonetheless, it was a refreshing change.

On a final note, I would have to say that this is one of my favorite scenes captured on film. I feel that it encapsulated the whole classical and countryside vibe this town gave off.

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