Give Me A Break


Hello, Spring Break


I Need A Breather


Soaking Up The Sun


I never thought I'd say this but I'm glad it's Spring Break, which meant I'm out of the studio as soon as classes were over and made a beeline for my luggage and carry-on. Having plans to fly to New York but cancelling it at the last minute due to a snowstorm was a bummer. Nevertheless, I'm glad I made the decision to cross the Pacific and visit my second home — Hong Kong.

I needed a break, not only from school but from life in general, and being with my mom and sister gives me the breather I need from everything. Also, because I missed my space in our homey apartment where a good amount of sunlight filters through every morning. It's my little haven where I always have the urge to stay in bed and read all day with the privilege of not thinking about any chores. This week has been a time to re-energize and reset myself before classes resume; and I would have to clock in hours at the studio and lab to catch up on the big projects I hastily left behind.

I still have a few days left. But for now, I'm enjoying the city lights from my window, the shoot days with my sister, and the cooking of my mom.

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