Framed In Negatives: Test Exposures


Oakland, California, 2017   |   Canon AE-1, Kodak Tri-X 400

Hanging around tree trunks and going for groceries in a fancy suit — this is what Josh and Gabe signed up for when they agreed to be my guys for the task. Despite shooting in film for a couple of years, I've only ever touched B&W film once and it took me a long time to have it develop due to limited resources. Needless to say, I've never been a fan of working with anything void of color even though I'm an aficionado of the classics by heart. (Very contradictory, yes. That's just the nature of my interests.) Little did I know that my world would turn upside down the moment I worked with Ilford and Kodak Tri-X. Now, I can't seem to get enough.

Taking up Photography as an elective has been enlightening so far. I've learned so much in terms of conceptual thinking through composition, arrangement, and the technicalities of the medium. Not to mention of course, manipulating images through developing in the darkroom. It requires multiple steps and tasks, most of all dedication, but seeing your images become tangible is rewarding. Controlling the aperture, time, and other elements in the darkroom and finding the right equation is probably my favorite part other than the shooting segment. There's a lot of intuition that plays into the process itself and that's what makes every single image and print unique and true to its maker.

This series of images are test exposures which I tried to play around with. It was the first roll I ever developed and I'm beyond ecstatic that I didn't screw up. (Loading film into the reel isn't a joke.)  On another note, I decided to create a mini-series from these monochromatic moments and share with you lovely beings what I have documented during class projects and for fun.

Stay tuned for more stories!