Flavors From The Middle East


Ever since I shifted to a plant-based diet and adopted a vegan lifestyle, I became more appreciative of food and the myriad of dishes that grace this lovely planet. One of the things I've been praising non-stop is the Mediterranean cuisine.

My family and I have been stirring things up à la Mediterranean style in the kitchen as well, since a lot of the dishes are vegan-friendly. A few of the things we successfully managed to make are: tahini, hummus, falafel, ratatouille and curry. Just thinking about it makes me want to head straight to the pot and get cookin'!

With a jetsetter and a food connoisseur for a mom, we have been introduced and taught to appreciate the flavors of the world from a young age — from Australian gourmet (Sydney, Melbourne) to European delicacies (Germany, Paris, Switzerland) to Middle Eastern spices (Dubai, Africa, India) and Asian fusions (Japan, Singapore, Thailand). The list goes on. A suitcase filled with the ethnic diversity of epicurean food would greet us from wherever corner of the Universe she travelled from. This made us open to experimenting and trying out a medley of dishes and become enlightened with the taste of each culture.

Ever since my excursion in Dubai, I got the first-hand impression of authentic Indian food and never looked back. From hummus to falafel, our plates were filled with the savory spices that I've been constantly craving in the months post-Dubai trip. Even when I was back home, I would search for hidden gems around the city that served these kind of dishes and Huma Mediterranean hit the spot.

Not to mention, the interior and decor of the restaurant was a flare of creative imagery in itself. It was visually appealing with a royal palette ranging from blues to golds, creating a harmonious setting that complements the dining experience. Some of the little artifacts that caught my eye were the chandeliers, basins and jars, wrapped in intricate and genuine design work (included in this visual diary for future inspirational reference).

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