Warmth is hidden in every hug, every smile, every gratitude, every greeting and every love. 2015 has been a season of clear and stormy skies, shivering coldness and scorching heat, opportunities and misfortunes, learnings and mistakes. With every moment, I cherish all that has come and go while discovering and improving myself in the process, both as a person and as an artist. I'm truly grateful for all the doors that have opened and closed, where I've learned that every single thing leads to a greater purpose in this universe.

Every dot is connecting. Every moment is stitching itself to create an unforgettable year. And now we face another beginning.

From this part of the hemisphere, we're about to count down the last few hours of 2015. As we ring in another New Year and bid farewell to the last, I'd like to sum it up into a general list of what it has taught me:

1     To relentlessly pursue what I want.

2     To put myself out there. 

3     To learn from others.  

4     To breathe and be still.

5     To be compassionate.

6     To share what I know and be open to others.

7     To spread love and warmth.

8     To be in the moment.

9     To inspire and be inspired.

10   To be the best I can be in every aspect.

It's been a remarkable year of meeting people, going out of my comfort zone, exploring the world and bringing warmth to others. I hope yours is the same, if not, much more incredible and fulfilling, and even more so in the coming year.

Cheers to 2016! Sending all my love and warmth to everyone from all corners of the world.

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