Europa is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter, and the sixth-closest to the planet.


It's also said to be the sixth-largest moon in the Solar System. At least, that's what Wikipedia says. Sounds cool isn't it? Wait until you see what Sach's did to translate this concept into a series for his latest exhibition at YBCA.


Tom Sachs Space Program: Europa

November 19th was spent meeting a friend, Charlie, over a cup of chai at The Grove and then going with Joshua to the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts to check out an exhibit by Tom Sachs. It was a psychedelic collection of sculptures pertaining to space and astronomical studies that greeted us in the gallery. A creation founded on lost and discarded objects, Sachs gave a representational and interactive form of work that lets its viewers revel on the details and random everyday objects of life. I often find myself laughing at the vulgarity of expression written on some parts of the sculpture while being blown away on the genuisness of it all (if that is even a word / I'm pretty sure I just made that up), and you'll see it in an image that I managed to capture below. Also, there's more in the videos I filmed. I also love how there's little hints of reference to Star War, that clearly the artist took it as inspiration for this body of work.

Speaking of videos, I'm in the process of stitching together a film reel of all the gallery exhibits and museums I visited in the past few months during my first semester in CCA. Coming home means slowing down and having time to catch up with friends and family, as well as work on sharing more moments on my online space. Finally. I already managed to update my portfolio, which are mostly works I've done for class that I find decent enough to include in my selection of pieces.

One of the things I enjoyed this Fall Semester was that I managed to explore different mediums and subjects for my work. But I'll write about that in a separate entry and share more details about it later on. For now, enjoy the visual imagery that Sachs graced us with on his on-going exhibition at YBCA:

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