Embracing Fluidity


To paint means to continuously explore and experiment with the medium in ways that spark your curiosity.

It’s about being one with the brush, the pigment, the paper and the palette.


Watercolors is one of the most fluid mediums in the pursuit of painting, thus giving it the notion of being difficult to work with.

But on that impression? I beg to differ.

To me, it means finding the will to let go and lose control. To embrace fluidity, chance and mishaps.

By letting go, we surrender to witnessing the magic of the water and paint, interacting with one another on the paper's surface.


Letting go of rigidity and control, guides us to developing our own techniques by letting us acknowledge our intuition.

As it goes with any creative work: mastery and process will flourish as you constantly evolve and practice. 

Finding your unique voice and translating it into your painting is an ever-changing dynamic, and the only way to mold it is to do work that resonates with you.

And to do work that resonates with you means following your intuition.

It's a simple merry-go-round.


Along the journey, you’ll find that some things may or may not work out.

Broken paintbrushes here. Crumpled paper thrown there. Frustrations everywhere.

But those discarded objects has its own purpose: to show you that none of it is valid or invalid; to let you see that you are merely in a place of sharpening and acquiring a specific taste for your work.

That taste is what marks your individuality.

So follow your intuition and create work that gives you joy and inspiration. Above all, embrace fluidity and let yourself go. 

This coming July 9th, join me in exploring fluidity and the organic process of painting with watercolors through an intensive workshop. 

The class will explore washes, detailing, layering, bleeding, and mixing media. I'll demonstrate how to lose control while embracing fluidity and creating harmony within a painting, by application of the techniques I've learned and will share in the workshop, and combining it with the student's creative process to produce work that they can call their own.

It's perfect for beginners and those who practiced or have a bit of knowledge with the medium, as I will be teaching basic techniques, share my own process and create animal illustrations along the way.

The idea of this workshop has been playing around my mind for the past few months and I have finally gathered the wits and courage to team up with my friends behind PSID Evolution to curate this event. Before I leave to pursue my studies again, I'd like to give back to this incredible community one last time (moreover, to my friends in raising funds for their exhibit) by sharing the very thing I'm passionate about through teaching and showing the skills and techniques I've developed over the past few years.

So if you're eager to hop on board, click this link to join the club. Limited slots will be open as we can only accommodate 12 lovely beings in class.

Hoping to have you there!