Earth Is A Marble



Earth is a marble In the sandbox in the park Of the universe



I've been illustrating around the clock to produce works that'll accompany haikus and narrative poetry. It's been a blur of painting, drawing, and reading; trying to stick to a daily routine that brings out my most productive state. I usually work during the night, but recently it's been at any given hour of the day. It's mentally taxing and I would usually pass out for a nap in the afternoon before I would continue working again. Nevertheless, I've never felt so accomplished in the past couple of months.

On another note, Reese's cleverly written haikus is something I definitely look forward to whenever I need a pick me up. Reading all kinds of literature is my downtime and lately I've been drawn to poetry like a moth to a flame. It may or may not be because of my on-going collaborative project with Reese and Marla. They sure have a way with words.

I guess that's all for now. I can't wait to reveal with you lovely beings some of the exciting projects I'm working on in the coming months!

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