Getting Inspired By Dubai’s Structures


The mosques and villas in Dubai are not only remarkable, but they boast the country's art and culture as well.

As a creative, I find wonders in the spaces and specks around me. When I travelled to Dubai, the first thing that caught my eye were the magnificent architectural structures and religious edifices.

The façades in Dubai are not only remarkable, but they boast the country's art and culture as well. I was instantly captivated by the sheer beauty of it. From their mosques down to their villas, it was designed in such a different way from what I'm normally used to seeing, that it struck my inspirational chords all at once.

In my own way of immersing and learning about other cultures, I take note and observe the littlest of things and try to capture them as much as I can.

While we were driving around— with my aunt sharing some pretty interesting stories and facts about the UAE — I would quickly take snapshots of the different villas and mosques that we would pass by. And believe me, they were everywhere. It would seem that I would spot a mosque every block or or so, and when I started to gather a handful, I started referring to them as my mosque collection.

Somehow, it reminded me of Greece with it's square-like structures and minimalist palette — the colors ranging from pastels to a few earthy tones in between. At first sight, you wouldn't even think that the villas are actually their homes! How I wish to live in a similarly breathtaking house in the future.

Oh, and the most beautiful of moments is when the sun starts setting! Everything just becomes magical; the place is cast in lovely shade of pastels and it would turn the whole thing into a different scenario.

What do you think of these remarkable structures? If you have been to Dubai, what was the one thing that instantly caught your eye?