Creative Essentials


A creative brand and a spunky brainchild of Gail and Jen, I was no stranger to the locally produced label, Punchdrunk Panda, having previously heard of it through fellow creatives who have also designed for them. When I first came across the brand, I immediately developed a deep admiration for the products they create — particularly their collaborative concept with local artists to produce a line of functional items, graphically printed on totes, cases and other cool shenanigans.

So when they reached out to me late last year for a collaboration proposal, I was totally down with the whole idea. I have always dreamed of my illustrations to be a produced as a merchandise and to have them come to life early in the year is just magical. That goes to say that collaborating with Punchdrunk Panda has been a long-awaited wish.

For this creative work, I was commissioned to design a tropical theme with a jungle landscape as its main concept. I was happily hopping up and down like a little bunny because animals were my thing and this naturally aligns with my aesthetic and style. My design is currently on an on-going production and plans of future production are already in the making. The first release, which came out last month, is this organizer. Sewn with a handful of pockets, it's an epitome for the neat freak creatives like myself. These compartments can hold sketchbooks, A4 sized papers, and other essentials needed for day-to-day artistic work. Needless to say, I became completely smitten with it.

Being a creative on-the-go renders me to lug around tons of pencil cases and sketchbooks. I have at least two. (Yes, it's a handful of crazy, but definitely needed!) I knew the moment I got my hands on this that it would be a lifesaver, especially since I've been traveling frequently over the past months. It's flexible and functional making it distinctive. Alternatively, it can be used as a laptop tote which makes it conveniently better. Additional perk: it's water-resistant. So on days when the sun ain't shinin' and the clouds keep rollin', you won't have to worry about your anything getting wet other than yourself.

I weaved together a short teaser for you to get a feel on how I used my own organizer and the creative essentials that this darling can handle.

If you're interested in taking one home, you can order via the link at the end of this post. Be sure to spread the love to your folks and friends, you never know if they’ll need a lifesaver too!


Creative Essentials

Here are my daily essentials as a creative, and my best friends when I'm out and about. For the curious ones, this is also a comprehensive list of the materials I work with:


Videography and Art Direction by Yours Truly