Details of Conform

Portrayed by a sleeping form of two identical women rendered in soft hues, it depicts of how one is conforming to the means of society. It pertains to fragility and what it means to find strength from within. The work illustrates a phase of figuring out her inner voice and strength and breaking free from the influence of society.


Woman, Create: The Prelude

Taken a few months back from The Prelude of Woman, Create where I captured behind-the-scene stills of the set-up at Habitual Coffee and sneak peek of the art pieces that were showcased that day.


It’s incredible to witness how the art scene is swiftly blooming in our country. With all these activities being held and the community responding strongly to it, it's truly amazing to behold and be a part of it firsthand.

Woman, Create has pushed me to step out of my boundaries and overcome self-doubts. It's a remarkable experience to be one of the contributing artist for this project. Seeing how Woman, Create has grown, in the short amount of time since it's been founded, is truly wonderful and I'm proud of Rika, the lovely founder of this movement, for achieving and curating all these projects that not only enlightens the community, but helps it as well.


Enrich the Universe found within you.



This coming November 28th, Woman, Create will be debuting the first edition of its creative planner, aptly named: 365 Wonders. It's a combination of a planner and an art book, featuring local artists, writers, illuminators and dreamers across the city. In a nutshell, it's a collection where you can find truth and comfort in the art, stories, thoughtful meanderings, poetry, lines, insights and experiences of strangers in a book. I've personally contributed some of my art in the planner and I'm eager to see how everything turned out! The launch will be happening in Heima Brixton where there will be music, creative talks, and drinks. It's open to all, so feel free to drop by!

As a woman who's out to save the world and make wonders, Rika is also giving a portion of the proceeds from the planner to Save The Children Organization, to help out in their campaign in saving Syrian refugees and their children.

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