Collecting Beach Glass


Philippines, 2013   |   Canon AE-1P, Fuji Superia 200

I remember our first time in Hawaii when our Aunt introduced us to these tiny rocks called beach glass. She was was fond of collecting these broken little gems that, eventually, she passed this love of collecting beach glass on to us. We would sit by the beach and dig our hands in the sand in hopes of finding these ocean tempered glasses that washed back up on the shore. At one of the many beaches lining O'ahu, we found a collective of these beauties at a certain spot. It was like the holy grail. I can vividly picture my 13 year old self clawing away at the sand to reveal a copious amount of these treasures.

Now whenever I go to beaches or travel back to Hawaii, I would usually venture out on my own; riding on my Aunt's bike to cycle to the neighboring beaches. I would walk and search for hours, sometimes lucky enough to gather a variety of colors while collecting some other gemstones and seashells. It became a quiet moment of gathering mementos and creating my own quiet moment.

It's funny how certain people unconsciously pass down their beliefs and interests on to us, without us realizing it until later on. We absorb these energies and manifest it into our own realities. And sometimes, simple things like passing on the love for collecting beach glasses, is a beautiful thing to be handed down to. But life isn't always about the good things and we need to be aware of the negative manifestations that we absorb into our lives and learn to let it go.

With that in mind, let's soak in the beauty, the positive energy and the overall goodness that the Universe freely gives and enjoy moments of simplicity.