City Museums


 Museums and exhibits are a brilliant way to open you up to a world of ideas and inspiration that can contribute to your own body of work and style. 

Witnessing artwork in its physical form has always been a different experience. More often than not, in this digital era we settle for seeing things on screen that we never familiarize ourselves with experiencing an artwork in its entirety. Having a connection and seeing things in the real world makes an artwork more meaningful to me, which in turn makes museum visits more magical.

Exploring museums and exhibits will always be an enlightening experience. Not only does it give you a chance to look at the actual artwork (sometimes even the creative process behind it) but it gives you the opportunity to mull over and study the painting, the sculpture or any kind of work. I don't know about you, but I appreciate things even more when it's actually in front of me and I can interact with it rather than seeing it on my laptop. As the viewer, it gives me an intimate connection with the artwork. It makes me slow down and contemplate about it instead of just moving on to another image. Personally, slowing down and absorbing information is important because it allows you to be critical in thinking and opens you up to a world of ideas that can contribute to your own body of work and style.

Last year, I found myself wandering around museums and exploring exhibits both for class requirements and for personal agendas. I saw the masterpieces of Frank Stella, the ancient works of different tribes and cultures, the clever space sculptures of Tom Sachs and infinitely more. Every single piece was striking on its own and I've taken home a lot of ideas, inspiration and notes from the trip. I went to De Young Museum twice, to SFMOMA, and to Yerba Buena Center For The Arts. The Bay Area is bursting with intelligent design and incredible arts and there's nothing more than I could ever ask for than to be amongst it.

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