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Accept what is, let go of what was & have faith in what will be.



Writing to you from Hawaii. It's currently a little past 9 o'clock in the evening here and I just landed earlier this morning (trying to get my bearings since I keep getting the time and date mixed up). I can't believe this paradise will be my home for a month or so and I honestly have mixed feelings about it, especially since everything is happening at such a fast pace. That being said, my current mantra is this opening statement I stumbled upon by David Wolfe.

It's been less than a day and I'm already experiencing nostalgia. I seriously wish my sister could have come with me. I already miss our little escapades. But for now, I'll settle on our previously documented adventures even though it makes me miss home and family even more. Needless to say, it's been a pretty long day and my bed is calling out to me but not before I share with you this Blue Lagoon experience.

Last July, when my sister and I vacationed in Hawaii, we both did something insanely spontaneous. Braving the sweltering heat of the open terrain of Ka'ena Point and Keālia Trail has been filed under our 'been-there-done-that-never-doing-it-again' hiking moment. It wasn't to be taken lightly — not that the trek was difficult, but the fact that it was a long way up and being unprepared took us off guard and left us reeling.

Starting at noon and with little water supply to compensate for our thirst, I can't believe we actually survived a 3-hour hike up the mountain. Nevertheless, it was an experience we won't ever forget (and a lesson definitely learned).

Despite being unprepared for the trek, we had a blast cooling off at one of the hidden coves just before the start of Ka'ena Point. Even though I forgot to bring a swimsuit with me, I tossed all insecurities out the window and just went for it in my undies. Luckily, I was able to don a decent (and matching) pair, which made for a good alternative. Lesson learned: always keep my swimsuit on when I'm in Hawaii. Especially staying in North Shore where the beach stretches out all along the coast. You never know when you'll spontaneously decide to jump in the water.

One of the things that mesmerized me during our hike was the landscape and the expanse of blue from the top. It was incredible how the sky and sea seamlessly merged. If I had the chance, I would have painted the scenery on the spot. It was a perfect epitome of an even wash, fading from dark to light blue. Not to mention the fact that it's my favorite color as well.

With that, I'm off to catch some zzz's so I'll have the energy to bike all the way to Foodland to get some groceries — mainly my bananas and lemons.

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