Bear Necessities


Inspired by two of my favorite childhood book characters that continues to spark my imagination, I created a piece that merges the playful, childlike nature of Pooh and the wild, carefree nature of Baloo. From the rough edges to the unpredictable flow of the pigment and water on the paper, I sought to illustrate a work that embodied the remarkable characteristic of each character, embracing both flaws and perfectionism within the piece.


A fusion of Winnie The Pooh and Baloo of The Jungle Book

It's been roughly two months since my last group exhibit which featured this big fella, and my little project has been at the back burner ever since class started. I haven't filmed my process in over a year and I figured I'd do it just for fun. It took me days to finish the artwork and film it since it's one of the biggest I've made. Not to mention, it coincided with the flurry of events prior to my move halfway across the hemisphere. The editing itself was the slowest part, doing bits and pieces here and there in between class and studio work. A few days ago, I finally got to sit down and psyched myself to finish it.

I haven't been virtually sharing a lot lately. Adjusting to a new environment and the start of class can be overwhelming. So far, it's been great and stressful at the same time. Albeit, I've been trying to push past all the overwhelming work, feelings and experiences just so I could go back into the swing of things in both my blog and channel. I miss creating content and simply sharing stories with you lovely beings. Fingers crossed I could settle into a routine soon after I move into my new apartment this Sunday so I can free up some time and get back to writing in my little webspace.

All love and sunshine!

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