Be Old School


Manila, Philippines 2013   |   Canon AE-1, Kodak Pro Image 100

Have a sense of adventure. Explore places you've never explored. Capture the details — your thoughts, feelings, and elusive moments.

One of my main source and ultimate inspiration is Mother Nature. She is a vast beauty and a magical creation. I remember my childhood days, spent daydreaming of forests, oceans and the beautiful creatures that live in those hemispheres. Never did I imagine how it would greatly affect my creative work later in life.

Being out there, and feeling the ground beneath my feet, the whisper of the wind as it passes through the trees, and relishing in the peace of my surroundings makes everything surreal. I remember taking these photographs years ago. Driving around and mindlessly walking, with no set intention of where I'm headed and simply stopping whenever something interesting catches my eye. That's one of the many reasons why I love recording things in photographs — a moment in time preserved forever. And for some reason, capturing it in film makes it even more precious. That feeling of not knowing how it would turn out is both nerve-wracking and exciting.

In the New Age where social media has ingrained its mark, millennials find the need for everything to be fast paced with immediate results. Every now and then, it's essential to take a step back and relearn the old ways. To me, being old school in some of the things you do means putting more effort, love and thought to what you're doing; it's about getting down to the heart of things. But above all, it means finding peace and joy in the slowness and raw way of living. It's the only way you can truly appreciate the moment.

So be old school and live in the moment.