Au Revoir


Here we are, counting down the hours before we have to part ways and fly back to different lands. We signed off to last minute shopping and chasing sunsets by Sunny Bay where magical horizons and reflections greeted us. It's been a refreshing week and now it's time to face pending projects and other responsibilities awaiting me back in the Bay Area, like preparing for portfolio reviews, catching up on lectures and studio work, starting to pack up my room, hunting for a decent storage unit, searching for apartments, scheduling meetings... It's a long, tedious list that I need to tick off under a month and my head is honestly aching at the thought of it.

In just an hour, I'll be boarding my second plane from Santa Ana to San Francisco, where my brother (as gracious as always) will be waiting to pick me up and expecting me to take him to dinner in exchange for his long drive.

I wish I can have another day of neglect and rest, but the Universe never takes a pause.

Oh well, the pressure is on. Wish me luck darlings. Love and sunshine as always. 

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