Art Jams & Vegan Muffins


Art jams have become a special gathering for us to unwind and create mindlessly, hitting pause from the hustle of life and endless work we're surrounded with. Born from the virtual conversations of planning get-togethers has turned into sessions that let us nourish our creativity through one another's company; sharing our craft, skills, and knowledge along the way.

Being a creative and having a career as an artist isn't all rainbows and sunshine as everyone perceives and makes it out to be. Under all the magic making of painting, drawing and creating visual artworks, there's a pile of e-mails, paperwork, financial struggles and client calls to make. It's that lackluster, energy-draining part of being a creative boss.

So this period, a break away from work, fills us with energy and inspiration to carry on and produce even more meaningful work. It essentially brings us back to our purpose by reconnecting with everything that we're passionate about (without societal pressure).

Artists's Sketchbook & Process

One of the many things I'm fond of about these gatherings (aside from stuffing ourselves with vegan muffins) is how we're able to share and personally witness one another's process. We're relatively playing on the same field, yet the way we do things — from the details down to the larger act of work — is significantly different from the other. It is through these moments that we learn a greater deal by observing and talking about our own process.

Having an opportunity to take a peek inside another artist's sketchbook is something I cherish in these moments as well. It stirs up a lot of insights and magical feelings just by looking into their journals. To me, it's like seeing the heart and soul of what they do. A creative's sketchbook is the home of ideas, thoughts, and feelings; where everything is raw, unfiltered and downright authentic — from the smooth, precise lines to the quick, rushed sketches. I love how sketchbooks can feel so organic.


Sketchbook Pages of Abbey Sy

Painting With A Side Of Vegan Muffins

Our gathering was held in Pipino, owned by a lovely lady and an extremely talented friend, Alessa of Life After Breakfast. This little nook is a hidden gem in the North where I always crave their vegan dishes — from their mains down to their muffins (most especially their cookies and vegan bagoong which I love to pair with my mom's vegetarian kare-kare).

The first time I dined here was from a watercolor gathering that Alessa held almost a year back. I instantly fell in love with the humble interiors and comfort food that they serve and have been back a couple of times since then. After holding our very first art jam in a cafè closer to our homes in the South, we figured that we'd venture out further into the city and this fit our bill perfectly.

We spent the afternoon catching up, conversing about the difference of watercolor papers, our preferences and qualities, yet again (this seems to be our favorite topic to talk about!) while fueling our bodies with good food and quietly engaging in our painting process.

At the end of our gathering, we exchanged artworks as a memento to take home with us. It's always a refreshing way to end a week filled with work and deadlines. It serves as a silver lining filled with inspiration and motivation to get our creative gears turning.


Watercolor Portraits by Kar Victoriano

If you ever find yourself needing to reconnect and just tap into your creativity, an incredible way to do that is to gather up fellow creatives and simply get together for an afternoon of art making — no pressure, just pure magic and fun.

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