Arabian Desert


A sea of barren land, with mounds of hills and sparse vegetation dotted here and there; that's what greeted me on my first exploration in Dubai. Riding a 4x4 with the wheels slightly deflated, we traversed the desert on our safari trip, where we had the most exhilarating ride around the sand dunes in an almost a similar fashion to a roller coaster with the exception of possibly having the jeep topple over. The fear of that possibility was invigorating and needless to say, it was the ride of my life. One minute we where in the middle of nowhere and the next we were back on the road, later on realizing that we came out on opposite side of where we came from. We took pit stops to see the dune buggy too and passed by a train of camels. It was an unforgettable experience. And our day was just getting started.

The temperature was still a bit cool when during our trip so it was perfect to walk around when we arrived at the camp and just take it all in without having to worry about the scorching heat. The ride was an experience in itself, but the magic truly started during sunset. I've spent a lot of sundowns by the beach and in the city, so to witness it in a different scenery, in an Arabian Desert no less, is phenomenal. No words can conjure how beautiful it was.

I had a moment to myself to just stand in silence and quietly relish its beauty. I was in awe of how vast the desert and sky was and how it was such a contrast to watching sunsets in other landscapes. Whereas it's vibrant in the city and by the beach, in the desert it was mostly washed down turning it to a conjuncture of pastel hues. The way the sand sparkles when it catches light and changes in color as the day turns to night is even more magical. Add to that list, a few camels walking along the sand dunes and seeing their silhouettes in the distance. All of it felt unreal.

Simple things like watching the sun give way to the moon, no matter how mundane or commonplace in our every day lives, still holds an aura of magnificence. To know that you have lived and loved another day, to have experienced the magic of the universe, to have found the extraordinary in the ordinary, to have conquered daily hurdles, to have dreamed, to have chanced on lighting a path towards your journey and purpose, to have learned and honed your skills and craft, and to have seen another remarkable sunset.

It is in moments like these, that you realize how grand Mother Nature is; how we are all just a tiny speck in this universe; how everything pales in comparison to what's out there in the world. So to be in that instance was a gift in itself. And I'm thanking the heavens for letting me witness such a breathtaking moment.