A Place Called Home


I was once asked where I would prefer to live: by the sea or by the mountains?

I never had an answer because both held a special place in my heart. I was never one to thrive in a city; I was an island girl through and through, where the mountains call to my name and the ocean sings to my soul. To this day, nothing has changed and both would always be a place I call home. 


The Sea

One of the things that I’ve always appreciated when I’m back in Manila is being able to explore both the sea and the mountains that’s close to home. California is nothing compared to the richness of our environment — from the crystal waters to the luscious green lands I've ever witnessed. I miss it every time I go back to San Francisco.

Last Summer, my family and I visited Anilao — a two-hour drive from our home in the city. This small town at the edge of Batangas is famous for its diving spots and its rich aquaculture. However, without a license for Scuba Diving, we opted for the next best thing: snorkelling. Not even far off from the shores of the island, we already discovered ourselves surrounded by a variety of schools of fishes. I wish I could have captured the richness and diversity of the life underwater. 


The Mountains

As incredible as it was to be underwater, there's also a magical feeling at standing on top of the mountain. Seeing the land from above is mesmerizing, and you're reminded of how everything else is small in comparison to the world around us. Whether it’s under the sea or on top of the mountains, nature would always call out to me. This morning, I reflected on the people who have continued to inspire me, only to realize that they’re all environmentalists — such as Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Jacques Cousteau, Jack Harries and Finn Harries to name a few. They are leaders, dreamers, aspirers and advocates who have given their voices to serve, to inspire and to call others to action. I only dream to follow in their footsteps one day — to use design and my work in service to the world we’re living in. After all, where else are we to give back but to the place we call home?

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