In N' Out: Vegan Eats In Hawaii

Hawaii, the mecca for plant-based and health induced lifestyle. My one-month stay there gave me the opportunity to roam around and try out café's and restaurants. Everywhere I turn, there's good food, and all places listed here are A+ I also love how their café's support vegan options and alternatives, especially when it comes to drinks. Avoiding dairy is one of the most difficult things I'm going through ever since I shifted my lifestyle. So when it comes to coffee and sometimes smoothies, I avoid it completely knowing that it has a mix of cow's milk or yoghurt in it. But here, you have one less thing to worry about because they will serve you an option of almond milk or any nut milk they have, which is totally great since it feels like you're not missing out on anything.





  • The Beet Box Cafe
  • Cholo's Homestyle Mexican
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