When You're In Hawaii

Here's a little travel guide I came up with on what to see, eat, do and stay while your in Hawaii! Take note that these are from my personal journey. It's somewhat a mix of what went down while I travelled there and some things that stuck with me which I thought of sharing with you lovely beings as well. Hopefully, they'll give you an insight and something to look forward to when you travel to this amazing tropical country. Be the tourist while experiencing a taste of how the locals live! So without further ado, I present to you my low down on Hawaii:


  • Visit Galleries and Art Museums

Plan your day ahead and see tons of galleries. Soak in the beauty of nature, art and culture combined in such a beautiful place. Hawaii is brimming with art of all kinds and forms! It has a diverse and magnificent culture and community.

Some of the galleries I could recall visiting were Pegge Hopper's Gallery, Wyland Galleries, and Thomadro Art.

  • Halloween In Waikiki

While I was there, I got to experience how the locals celebrated Halloween. I'm not one for the crowd, but seeing Waikiki Strip jam-packed with people wearing the craziest costumes is an incredible sight to see.

  • Experience Honolulu's First Friday

Another thing you shouldn't pass up on is First Friday, which (as it is called) happens every first Friday of the month. It's a night in Downtown (Honolulu) where all things music and arts come alive.

Galleries and exhibits have an open door, some with free flowing drink. Street musicians, bands, and dance groups performs live street concerts out in the open for folks wandering by. It's a great time to immerse yourself in the arts and culture of the country.

Not only will you get to see their art but meet the artist as well. During that night, I got to meet local artists, like Sergio Garzon and hoarded a bunch of his artworks. They would let you in their space and explain a bit of their process while mingling with the guests. It's very much like having an open night in their studios. While walking back to meet up with the adults, my sister and I passed by Streetlight Cadence and had a chance to witness them do a stellar performance. I especially loved their version of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People and their own song called Thinking Of You. (You should try listening to it!)


  • Scampi Shrimp

You may or may not have heard of this one yet but it is hands-down one of the best local dish I've had there. Their shrimps are the bomb.

  • Lava Flow

When it comes to ordering cocktails, you'll never go wrong with their Lava Flow. In essence it's an earthy combination of pineapples, strawberries, coconut and rum.

They have an option to serve the drink without alcohol, so if you're underage don't hesistate to order up one Virgin Lava Flow!

For you organic junkies out there, here's a store you should definitely consider dropping by! They sell a wide range of organic goodies that you'd go crazy wanting to try them all. They also have their own Bakery and Hot Table & Salad Bar if you're looking into grabbing a quick lunch or snack. I personally loved their Kale Salad! It's a must-try!

You won't go wrong with their wide selection of ice cream! I've tried out their Kona Lava Java and Tutu's Anniversary. Between the two, I prefer the latter. It has such a refreshing, tropical and unique taste! The former is like your usual chocolate and coffee mix. When it comes to my ice cream palette, my instinct tells me to go with the familiar which is usually within the range of coffee or chocolate. But this time, my taste buds are happy that I got to taste something new. Plus, it goes perfectly with the wonderful weather in Hawaii!

Their Malasadas are to die for! This is my sister's favorite. She practically made my dad and I hunt this down while we were there. So if you ever pass by one of their stores, be sure to check them out!


  • Learn How To Stand Up Paddleboard

I dare you to ditch surfing (okay, maybe just leave it to the pros for now) and learn how to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) instead! Your arms and legs will get sore and you wouldn't even notice it during the activity because it's that fun and easy to get the hang of! As an added bonus, it's a great exercise for toning your arms and legs (I just had to pitch it in there).

Just remember to practice in still waters first and watch out for some turtles that may occasionally pop their heads out in the surface.

My sister and I were taught by our uncle in the waters of Anahulu River. He practically left us there and we went around the lake for an hour or so. Time passes when you're having fun.

  • Sunset By The Beach

Something I'm surely never get tired of. Nothing beats cooling down after a long day out by watching the sunset at the beach. It's an artwork on it's own, turning from different hues of orange and pink. While maybe catching some surfers breaking the waves from afar... Or just casually passing you by.

  • Go To Farmer's Market (North Shore)

The Farmer's Market, where different kinds of local homegrown food and other knick knacks strive in Hawaii. While my sister and I were going around, we managed to taste some cheesecakes, chocolate drinks, popcorn and pizza. Your taste buddies will tingle from the array of dishes displayed there.

It's like our own version of Salcedo Market in Makati. If you haven't graced the place, I definitely recommend that you do!

  • Catch A Full Moon At The Oceanfront & Have A Bonfire

Growing up and living in the city, I believe that this is one of those magnificent moments that you could ever encounter in your lifetime. Catching a full moon out on the beach while it gloriously lights up the oceanfront. There are times that, to the human eye, it would seem massive it feels like it's only a few feet away from you. If you're lucky enough to catch a good weather that night, then you could arrange to have a bonfire with friends or family as well!

  • Visit Macadamia Nut Farm

Indulge in a variety of nuts that the Macadamia Nut Farm has to offer! They have free tasting - and coffee too! - and gives you a chance to crack your own nuts, which is one of the main reason worth checking this out. They have a divine selection of well-crafted goodies.


  • North Shore

As a tourist, we're all going to be fairly acquainted with Waikiki and other crowded tourist spots in Honolulu. So if you're looking for something new and refreshing, go and find a place to stay at North Shore, far away from all the hub of the city and where the real action goes on.

I heard during Winter Season, that's where all the surfing leagues are being held at. I'm certain that's one event you wouldn't want to pass out on! Around that time, you'll also get to witness the monster waves that graces the oceanfront up there.

  • Hale'iwa Town

Hale'iwa is a historic town filled with boutiques, art galleries, surf shops and hole-in-the-wall dining places. It's a laid back surf town where on one side you'll find the serenity of the ocean and on the other, the imposing mountains looming up, both creating countryside vibes.

One of the things I love about this town is the plantation era buildings. The history is practically oozing out of this spot. Usually, after a long day in the sun, we would wind down at one of the ice cream parlours or visit a few galleries that are still open.

Surfers are dotted here and there. The famous beach spots that I've been to is Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. The latter being where 90% I would spend my time, considering that it's just around the back of my aunt's home.

One of the places I would easily recall is this resort. I've spent my time here watching surfers from afar during sundown or walking to and fro the beach and the pool area. Some evenings, there would be performers either singing or hula dancing. It's a great place to unwind.

What do you think? Have you ever been to Hawaii? If so, I'd like to know your thoughts and ideas - maybe even a short insight of your own personal journey - when you travelled there, where you've been to, what's your favorite place, food and anything under the sun. If not, is there anything in particular that you've been dying to go and see in Hawaii?

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