10a Alabama


The rustic setting of 10a Alabama was the perfect home for the collection of artworks that were exhibited last 31st of July. Filled with art, inspiration and a frenzy of catching up with friends I met in the creative industry, it was a day filled with greetings and visual feasts.

The central theme of the show was about inspirational figures, snippets and symbolisms from books to translate into the artist's curated piece. The exhibit-slash-fundraiser turned these works into a much meaningful cause that supports the movement of Young Focus, an organization which encourages educational programs for youth living in the Smokey Mountain.

A few of my favorite works from the show were Half-Blood Prince by Kris Abrigo and House of Dreams by Elle Battung. It stood out from the sea of artworks in the gallery, which I both found dreamy and magnificent.

My piece, Bear Necessities, was also showcased as part of the exhibit. Influenced by two of my favorite childhood characters that continue to spark my imagination: the playful, childlike nature of Pooh (Winnie The Pooh) and the wild, carefree characteristic of Baloo (The Jungle Book). On another note, I'm whipping up a behind-the-scenes film about it since it's been so long since my last one. So keep an eye out for that! 

Artworks from the show are still on sale where 60% of the funds will be going to Young Focus Library. Go ahead and view the gallery hereGive it some love and spread the word! Support the cause and your local artists!

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