Dish’d and Shazam are two individual projects I created to explore micro-interactions in digital apps.




These two projects allowed me to explore the value of micro-interactions and feature sets in digital apps by developing or re-creating the motion and animation for them.

The tools I used for these projects are Sketch, Keynote, Principle and Final Cut.



UI / UX, Animation


1 — 2 Weeks, Fall 2018


Time Studio: Behavior — Haakon Faste




Designing A Hybrid App

I explored two digital apps to create a hybrid app. Combining Shazam and Chef’s Feed, I designed Dish’d where users can discover food on the go. By simply taking photos of a dish or a drink, the app will analyze where it came from and specific order it was from a restaurant, cafe or bar.

This was a crazy (and highly conceptual) but fun project that was done in 2 weeks.



Motions In Interaction

Exploring Micro-Interactions Using Motion and Animation

I explored Keynote as a tool to re-create Shazam’s micro-interactions. This mini-project was done in 1 week.