In Case You Come Back

Illustrating a poetry book about confessions, apologies, and promises.


About The Project

In Case you Come Back is the first published poetry book I illustrated under Summit Media Publication. In collaboration with Marla Miniano and Reese Lansangan, this passion project was created as a collective of our work and our shared love for poetry and art. It explores a series of haikus and short poems from the experiences and musings of the writers. 

The project focused on translating Reese's and Marla's poetry into illustrations that gave an overall visual context to the book. The scope of the project also included designing and illustrating for the chapter covers and the main cover of the book itself. 

Read the book review in Goodreads and the article by Summit Media.



DATE February 2016
TEAM Reese Lansangan, Marla Miniano, Jamie Catt
TOOLS Watercolor, Pen
TYPE Book Illustration


Book Signing


Cover Design

The prompt for the cover focused on the theme of love and fragility. I wanted to encompass the sense of unveiling hidden emotions and thoughts through the poetry that Reese and Marla created. 

IMG_9754 1.JPG