Tetris and Aerial are two individual projects I created to explore the materiality, texture, form and structure of objects.




I wanted to explore and better understand materials. These two projects allowed me to:

  • work on abstract forms,

  • create an entirely new object out of existing materials, and

  • practice my hand production skills.



Prototyping, Hand Production


2 — 3 Weeks, Spring 2017


3D Hand Production




Exploring Texture & Form

For my 3D Class Project, we explored forms and shapes using cardboard. I created an abstract sculptural form that explored the materiality of the object. One of the things I wanted to emphasize was detail and texture all throughout the three studies I made. Moving forward, I combined different aspects of the studies to arrive at one final piece.

Study Models

Final Model




Exploring Structure

Inspired by plants, I created a cactus-shaped sculpture out of rice paper, sticks and wax chords. I wanted the piece to embody softness and lightness so that it could enhance how I envisioned flow as a concept. I left some areas of the sculpture uncovered to create the notion that breeze can easily flow through the piece.