Device 6 Poster

Visual Mapping of A Mystery Game


About The Project

Device 6 is an Interactive Fiction Game that I visualized by creating a concept poster. This project allowed me to delve into the story of the game and be fully engaged with all its elements.



DATE Spring 2018, 1 Week
TEAM Individual
TOOLS Sketch
FIELD Concept Design, Visual Design



I wanted to show the flow of the story in a way that it would be understandable to the viewer. The game was seriously complex and held a lot of mysteries that I wanted to simplify it to make it more digestible but at the same time recreate that very complexity into my map. 

I decidedly chose to represent the game in chapters using the rings as boundaries and lines to show the flow of the game. I intended the concept map to be read from bottom up where you would have to go from one chapter to the next, unlocking the mystery through a series of clues and riddles in order to move forward, just as one would playing the game. 



These are my early iterations of the concept map. In these stages, I was still exploring the layout and the look of the poster.

One of the challenges I encountered for this project was the limit of the space. There were a lot of things I wanted to put in the poster and I had to figure out how to do it without making it seem cluttered or disorganized, and at the same time make it readable to the viewer. 


Here is how the final concept map looks like:



One of the things that I learned for this project is that organizing according to hierarchy is important when creating a map as complex as this. It was a challenge for me to structure the information I wanted to include in my poster, but that taught me to think outside the box and consider how I want the viewer to read it. That became the basis of how I was able to organize and produce my concept into a final output.