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Framed In Negatives: Santa Cruz

David & The Sea

Vantage Point From Our Cliffside Spot

Little Boy & His Dog Playing Around 

Gabe's In Our Spot By The Cliffside

Double Exposure Experiment 

Structures and Houses — Compositions That Interested Me

Surfers Come Out To Play

David and Gabe


Santa Cruz, California, 2017   |   Canon AE-1, Kodak Tri-X 400

Whenever I go back to that moment in Santa Cruz, I always see it in my mind's eye as this classic scene that Hollywood portrays in the movies. Shooting in B&W film give these moments the exact mood that I was going for.

I shot scenes from our trip to Santa Cruz in both monochrome and color (as you can see from my previous post). For some reason, it gave off a striking character and mood distinction to the images. By extracting the presence of color, it creates a different impact to the images despite shooting within the same day and location. That being said, it says a lot about the influence of color when it comes to photographs and its correlation to the mood created in the images.

With the monochrome film, the photos captured the feeling of nostalgia. While with the colored film, the photos captured the feeling of vibrancy of life. It's incredible to see such a distinction in feelings evoked by each set, simply by choosing to shoot with a different type of film.

To wrap up my musings on this one, you can read the rest of the story from this little getaway from my previous post here.