Hi, I'm Jamie.


I live in San Francisco where you can find me switching between the two creative hats of an Interaction Designer and an Illustrator.


I believe in the power of telling stories and designing meaningful interactions that shape the way we experience the world.


A Little Backstory




I pursued a career in visual arts as a Freelance Illustrator in the Philippines, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with passionate individuals and talented creatives in the industry. 



As a Freelance Illustrator, I mainly work on client-based projects which included both personal and commercial illustrations. I started garnering an online presence where it opened doors for me to collaborate and work with distinguished brands and publishing companies. During this time, local press such as Real LivingPreen Inquirer, and Candy Magazine, began to feature me alongside other talented creatives in their magazines. That experience also led me to the opportunity of becoming an influencer and ambassador with a few companies namely Filed!, Hush Puppies and Wear Lively. Below is a timeline showing my experience in art fairs and group exhibits in Manila.


2016 – 2017

During summer, I would continue to work as a Freelance Illustrator. This included illustrating for two of my major projects published by Summit Media: In Case You Come Back (2016) and The Maps That Contain Us (2017).



After two years of Freelancing, I decided to pursue my studies again. I applied for Illustration and got accepted to California College of The Arts.



In the summer of 2017, right after finishing my first year in CCA, I saw some really interesting projects done by the IxD Students during their Junior Show. It opened my eyes to the world of design where their mission was to solve problems through social interactions and the technology we use.

I found that this aligned with my beliefs and my childhood passion of wanting to contribute something great to the world. So after some serious decision-making and long conversations with family, friends and mentors, I ultimately decided to switch my major from Illustration to Interaction Design during my Sophomore Year.



Now, I'm in my Junior Year where I'm continuing to hone my skills and knowledge as an Interaction Designer, and applying what I learn to create meaningful experiences and interactions. 


Her bold strokes and vivid colors stand out in a sea of watercolor creations.



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