Hello, I’m Jamie.

I'm passionate about crafting meaningful experiences that empower and foster collaboration, social learning and awareness. 


Delving Into Case Studies

Getting deep into research, user experience and design strategy


Bridging The Digital & Physical

Coding and Integrating Hardware and Software


Mi Jeong

Re-thinking language learning as a collaborative interactive game.

Case Study Coming Soon.


Trash Scale

Creating awareness on consumer consumption and how it affects our coral reefs.


Making Things Tangible

Prototyping Analog Experiences And Tangible Tools


Pac-Man Board Game

Re-creating a digital video game into an analog gaming experience.


Magazine Design Tool

Re-imagining a new way to create tangible tools that can be used for collaboration.


Graphics & Motion


Device 6

Conveying the story of an Interactive Fiction Game with a visual map.


Motions In Interaction

Exploring animation, motion and micro-interactions with digital apps.